Vision & Mission


The Seychelles Pension Fund will be a leader and model among retirement systems, by providing the best retirement and related benefit package for our members.


The Seychelles Pension Fund is dedicated to manage and secure its funds through prudent investments and innovative methods to pay out the optimum retirement and related benefits for its members.

Who we are?

The Seychelles Pension Fund is a corporate body set up under the Seychelles Pension Fund Act No 8 of 2005 in order to

  1. provide for the financial security of members by the payment of a monthly retirement pension for life;
  2. provide for the financial security of the surviving spouse and children of members who die before retirement or after by the payment of a monthly surviving spouse’s pension or children’s pension;
  3. provide for the financial security of those who are incapacitated due to injuries or illness while being employed or thereafter;
  4. provide death benefit where a member dies before reaching retirement age and has no surviving spouse living with him at the time of death or children;
  5. enable workers to spend their retirement in basic comfort;
  6. to promote individual voluntary contributions to the Fund;
  7. to enable members to use the voluntary contributions to their credit as security for a housing loan or a loan for medical treatment.
  8. focus on the importance of making prudent investment as a second source of income after pension contribution to sustain the Fund to meet its obligations to its members.

The Fund is jointly supported by employees, employers and the Government of Seychelles.

The day to day affairs of the Fund is managed by a Chief Executive Officer who reports to  the executive   Board of Trustees of  the Fund on matters relating to the management  of the Fund in the best interest of its members.

What we do?

The Seychelles Pension Fund

  • ensures that employers and employees contribute to the Fund  as per the prescribed rates of contributions
  • emphasizes on the need to make voluntary contributions to the Fund by Members and Self employed persons in order to enhanced their retirement benefit
  • computes the retirement benefit and other benefits that members are entitled to
  • encourages members to plan early and save for retirement
  • advises on other benefits available under the Fund
  • promotes the Fund as the means to provide for earning replacement on retirement
  • arranges payment of monthly pensions and other benefits to members who are qualified for such benefits
  • provides prompt information, services and handles members’ enquires relating to the Fund without delay
  • makes prudent investments of funds not for the time being required for the purpose of the Fund with a view of sustaining the Fund
  • improves awareness of the Fund’s current value to employees and employers