Pirates Arms Re-Development Timeline


May 2014              Architectural drawings commissioned

Jun 2014                Outline application submitted to Planning Authority



Mar 2015              Planning Authority requested a revision of the concept

Jun 2015                Planning Authority requested detailed drawings for consideration

Dec 2015               Detailed revised architectural drawings resubmitted to Planning Authority




Feb 2016               Tenants vacated the complex

Mar 2016              Tender called for excavation of foundation/Tender opened

Mar 2016              Demolition started

Apr 2016               Demolition completed

Apr 2016               Submission to Planning Authority of revised architectural drawings application (after a request by Planning Authority to set back the building by 2 metres)

Jul 2016                 Architectural drawings approved by Planning Authority

Jul 2016                 Tender called for consultants (Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP), and Quantity Surveyor)

Aug 2016               Tender for consultancies opened

Oct 2016               Appeal stage (current stage)


Future Timeline (all dates are tentative)

Nov 2016               Award and commencement of contract for excavation of foundation (had to wait for appointment of Structural Engineer first)

Nov/Dec 16           Awarding of tenders for consultants (Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, and MEP)

Dec 2016               Commissioning of consultant services (Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, and MEP)

Dec 2016               Preparation of scope of works for piling



Jan 2017                                Completion of foundation excavation works

Jan 2017                                Submission of piling details to Planning Authority

Mar 2017              Approval of piling proposal by Planning Authority

Mar 2017              Call for tender for piling work

Apr 2017               Tender opened for piling work

Apr 2017               Completion of detailed engineering design and specifications (structural & MEP)

Apr 2017               Submission of detailed engineering design to Planning Authority

May 2017              Award piling contract

Jun 2017                Approval of detailed engineering design by Planning Authority

Jul 2017                 Completion of Bill of Quantities and Tender Documents

Aug 2017               Call for tender for construction works

Oct 2017               Tender opening for construction works

Oct/Nov 2017       Tender Evaluation/Appeal

Nov 2017               Completion of piling works

Nov 2017               Award contract for construction works

Dec 2017               Site mobilisation



Jan 2018                                Commencement of construction works



Jan/Dec 2019       Work in progress



Jun 2020                Completion of construction works