The Seychelles Pension Fund organized its ‘Team Building Activity’ on Saturday 6th October 2018 held at the Berjaya Beau-Vallon Bay Hotel. This full day activity marks the second event of its kind with the theme ‘Improving Workplace Relations’. A number of 91 staff attended the event. The aim of the ‘Team Building Activities’ was centered around SPF’s values, creating a great working environment and encouraging staff bonding.

The event which was in 3 parts, started by an opening address by the CEO Mrs. Lekha Nair, then a group icebreaker activity, followed by a tea break. After the break, all staff proceeded to an outdoor activity called ‘All on board’. This activity was to help staff develop a positive attitude about their team spirit and promote strong relationships with their colleagues, both of which can result in higher morale and a better work environment.

The second activity for the day was an activity called ‘Acid Pond’. The aim of this activity was help create a sense of trust within the organization. Trust is the basis of all relationships and when an organisation is able to foster a strong sense of trust in the workplace, it is better able to weather any storms thrown at the organization from the external environment. After the activity all staff enjoyed a nice lunch sponsored by SPF. Following lunch was the last activity for the day named ‘Centipede’. This challenge focused on developing staff on skills such as co-ordination, corporation, communication, decision making, trust and leadership. The outcome of the game was that staff was able to participate as a team and learn how to agree on procedures and be prepared to accommodate one another and think of the team rather than pure self-interest.

In conclusion the team bonding day was a great success and achieved its purpose. The activities was very interactive and management was able to discover new talents amongst colleagues. Staff feedbacks maintained that such activities should be organize more than once a year.