The Seychelles Pension Fund has been awarded a Certificate of Merit by an independent international jury following its participation in the Good Practice Award for Africa for 2017 organized by the International Social Security Association, an international organization linked to the International Labour Organisation, based in Geneva, Switzerland of which the Seychelles Pension Fund is a member since 1998.

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) was launched in Brussels in October 1927 as the International Conference of National Unions of Mutual Benefit Societies and Sickness Insurance Funds with a secretariat established in Geneva, with assistance from the ILO.

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The award, presented by the Secretary General of the organization, Mr Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, was received by the CEO of the Seychelles Pension Fund, Mrs Lehka Nair, during the organization’s regional meeting for Africa held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 23 to 25 October 2017.

The submission of the Seychelles Pension Fund was on the Seychelles Pension Fund newly introduced Pension Calculator, which has now received recognition as an international best practice meant to enhance administrative capacity through the use pf modern ICT.

Following the presentation of the award Mrs. Nair, presented to the delegates assembled and the fellow award recipients the details of the Pension Calculator and how it could impact positively on the operational and administrative efficiency of the process of administering pensions.

The Pension Calculator, which can be accessed on the Seychelles Pension Fund’s website: was the brain child of the management of SPF in its aim to make pension calculation accessible, transparent and fun with the overall objective to educate all the members of SPF as to how the pension system works at SPF and it’s calculation that can then be used to plan for retirement.

It was introduced in January 2017.

It was developed in three forms:

  1. the electronic version as featured on the SPF website for those using the electronic media,
  2. a manual ‘wheel of pension’ for those who are not IT savvy
  3. As a life size ‘Wheel of Fortune’ pension calculator, that SPF uses in its fairs and exhibitions that is a successful attraction to SPF members.


Mrs Nair was accompanied at the meeting by Mrs Audrey Nanon the General Manager for Corporate Services.



SPF Website



The interactive pension calculator ‘wheel of fortune’ for mandatory contributions


The interactive pension calculator ‘wheel of fortune’ for voluntary contributions



Photograph showing Mrs Nair receiving the award from the SG of ISSA