In support of the ongoing Creole Festival, Seychelles Pension Fund featured in the Laserenad event on Saturday 27th October with a float entitled “ Kont ek Lezann Seselwa…Alors en zour”. SPF identifies with the spirit of the Creole Festival and the opportunity it presents for the organization and its members to meet and celebrate our common values together – our Seychellois culture

The float showcased characters of stories from the Seychellois folklore, which include Frer Soungoula, Frer Kousoupa, Pti Zan, Zann ek Loulou, Babayaga, Greyboy Mister Grey etc. An illustration of “ Frer Soungoula dan basen lerwa” was mounted as the center piece of our show, whilst the various characters danced to music highlighting the importance of those stories in our culture.

Our float was met with an array of emotions; from admiration, amusement, anxiety, awe, excitement, and fear from the large numbers of onlookers. Many took the opportunity to photo shoot with our characters in an otherwise very interactive demonstration of our Seychellois heritage.