To purchase fish, one needs to go to the fish market– in the same way as to indulge in a meaningful conversation with fishermen one needs to be where those fishermen feels most at home. One of the role of the Seychelles Pension Fund is to engage with workers to improve membership and coverage in the informal sector (self-employed) which has spearheaded a change in our marketing strategy towards the beginning of 2019 – thus the mobilizing of a strong team partnering with the Praslin Boat Owners Association to host the “Praslin Red Snapper challenge” on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019 respectively.

SPF was sensibly approached by Mr. Louis Bossy, the Chairman of the Praslin Boat Owners Association to bring more awareness on the issue of pension and retirement. This collaboration opened a dialogue between SPF and the Praslin fishing community, culminating in a generous gesture by the Boat Owners Association, whereby proceeds from the sales of the catch from the competition will be credited to one of their members’ account as back payment towards his pension.

In doing so, the fisherman, Mr. Ahmed Volcere, will become a qualifying member of SPF and will enjoy a retirement pension – something that would have otherwise not been the case. From there both SPF and the Praslin Boat Owners Association will be nurturing this relationship to ensure that maximum fishermen register and prepare themselves for their retirement.


Additional to that other fishermen, self-employed workers and otherwise employed Praslinoise had the opportunity to mingle with SPF staff to better their knowledge of our services – which includes the registration process, payments, criteria and benefits available.