Praslin – La Digue Section

The Seychelles Pension Fund places substantial importance on membership coverage. Tasked with a geographically dispersed workforce, a prominent presence on the inner islands was deemed necessary to ensure easier access to communication and representation between members and the SPF.

The Praslin and La Digue Section has 12 staff members, 11 on Praslin and one on La Digue. This all-in-one section has different officers undertaking different tasks. The main duties are to receive benefits applications, provide advisory services and effect benefit payments to qualifying members. Additionally they are responsible for the collection of mandatory and voluntary contributions and rental income from real estate investments on Praslin and La Digue. The Section works in direct liaison with Headquarters on Mahé and it also ensures the maximum occupancy of SPF’s real estate on the two islands.


Mrs. Tessie Poris
Manager, Praslin – La Digue Section.

Mrs. Poris joined the SPF in 2006 as a Supervisor before being promoted to Manager. Mrs. Poris has attended the Seychelles Institute of Management where she has successfully completed a Certificate in General Management followed by a Diploma in General Management from the same Institution.