In pursuance to the “Praslin Red Snapper challenge” held on 6th and 7th April 2019, Praslin Boat Owners Association in collaboration with Seychelles Pension Fund, met with members of the association in a meeting on Saturday 11th May 2019 at the Pension Complex conference room. The aim of the meeting was for the association, through its Chairman Mr. Richard Bossy, to facilitate the access of one of their members, Mr. Ahmed Volcere, to a retirement pension by contributing to the SPF on his behalf.


To recall, SPF had been approached by Mr. Louis Bossy, the spokesperson of the Praslin Boat Owners Association, to bring more awareness on the issue of pension and retirement.

This collaboration created a dialogue between SPF and the Praslin fishing community, culminating in a generous gesture by the Boat Owners Association, whereby proceeds from the sales of the catch from the competition would be credited to one of their members’ account as back payment towards his pension.



The 58 year old Mr. Volcere, was facing the possibility of retiring without a pension, a fate shared by numerous fishermen and self-employed workers alike. However thanks to the noble gesture from the Association, taking advantage of the possibility for self-employed workers to back date their contributions from the year 2006 onwards, Mr. Volcere is now a registered member of SPF and only need to complete the remaining two years contribution to ensure that he contributes continuously for the last 10 years prior to retirement – a prerequisite to qualify for a pension.



The ceremony, which also witnessed the presentation of financial support for a retired fisherman, Mr. Sonnley Esther through 5 monthly instalments of SCR 5000 from the Association and further financial assistance from the wining boat at the competition, also featured an interactive meeting with fishermen present. This very cordial meeting brought forth many queries from the fisherman community about their contribution and benefits available from Seychelles Pension Fund.  In an interesting turn of event many fisherman echoed their willingness to now join as new members of SPF.