Pre-retirement death gratuity

The Seychelles Pension Fund offers a monthly Pension as an earning replacement. To qualify for a pension a member needs to have contributed for either the last 10 years continuously or any 20 year period with breaks since 1979 in either the Social security Fund, Seychelles Pension Scheme or the Seychelles Pension Fund.

In the event that member does not fulfill the contribution criteria, the Fund pays the benefit as a gratuity. Click to read the pre- retirement death gratuity.



Where deceased member has no spouse or children up to 18 years old or over if receiving full time education

The payment of a pre-retirement death gratuity to the nominated beneficiary or dependant equivalent to the mandatory contribution of 4% made by employers and employees as well as the voluntary contribution including interest if deceased has no surviving spouse or children.

The member may nominate one of his dependents or more to benefit from the gratuity.

Members are encouraged to make nomination of beneficiary on the prescribed written form. Click below to download the nomination form.