Marketing & Public Relations Section

As a trustee organization, the Seychelles Pension Fund is mandated with the task of ensuring financial security of our members upon retirement. As such, from a marketing perspective, members’ education and instilling a savings culture within our membership are direct objectives of the section. A customer oriented organization with special attention towards keeping its members involved and their interests relevant are the main marketing focus.

The section provides a central point of contact   between the SPF and its members and involves bridging the two parties and developing productive and healthy relationships to ensure common interests are satisfied.

Strong communication skills and ability to successfully maximize identified marketing opportunities are the driving force of the section and its staff and these are achieved through providing accurate information and dependable communication that will be in all stakeholders’ best interests whilst putting emphasis on an open door policy to provide for real time problem and query solving.

Mr Darell Bristol

Mr Darell Bristol

Marketing & Public Relations Manager
About Darell
Mr. Bristol joined the SPF in 2004 and has held the post of Manager since 2010.

He holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication from Bournemouth University. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing