Investment Section

At the Seychelles Pension Fund, prudence, one of our key core value, is crucial to our investment portfolio.

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees and the Investment Committee of the SPF, the Investment Section is responsible to ensure that prudent investment of surplus funds are made to maximize returns and maintain sufficient liquidity to pay pension and the operating costs of SPF.

The current emphasis is to diversify investments in the best interest of SPF whilst avoiding undue risk.

The SPF has investments in Government securities, Bank deposits, Properties, Domestic shares and overseas and aim to identify new investment opportunities and profitable instruments with minimum risk to further safeguards members funds.

The section falls under the Investments Division.

Ms Theresette Marie

Ms Theresette Marie

Investment Manager

Joined SPF in 2010 as an Accountant, in 2015 was transferred to Investment section and appointed as Investment Manager in 2018. She holds a First class degree in Accounting and Finance from Middlesex University, UK and an MSc with Distinction in Investment and Financial risk management from Kingston University, UK.