Keeping members abreast of its services is paramount to establishing a cordial SPF /member relationship. Seychelles Pension Fund believes in cultivating a knowledge based membership base. As such it is regularly undertaking workplace information session to further educate its members. This morning SPF organised one session with employers of IDC at the STC Conference room.
The session which brought together a group of about 35 IDC workers above the age of 45 also afforded them with question time on SPF’s operations. A follow up workplace clinic has been scheduled for Monday 28th May to provide for one on one sessions with other workers of the organisation.
SPF has been encouraging other organisations, institutions and employers to take advantage of these sessions to further educate members on the services available at SPF and how they can increase their benefits further. For booking of those sessions, employers can contact Mr. Darell Bristol, Marketing and Public Relations Manager on 4 294663 during working hours or email on Members who wish to have such meetings in their workplace are being encouraged to discuss with their respective management.