Incapacity Pension

Due to medical conditions, some of our members can opt for Pension Benefits at an early age.  This is termed invalidity pension. Click on the link to read further about invalidity benefits.

  1. What is an incapacity pension?An incapacity pension is a sum of money payable monthly as financial assistance for those who are incapable of work as a result of a disease, sickness or bodily injury which is likely to remain permanent.In the case of disability as a result of illness or accident (80% to 100% incapacity) the granting of an incapacity pension before reaching retiring age as soon as the Medical Board certifies the person to be unfit to work. The pension may be for life or for a specific period of time to allow for review as may be recommended by the Medical Board.

    Download the Incapacity leaflet to read more about

    • Who is entitled to receive it?
    • How to obtain such an incapacity pension?
    • The role of the medical board
    • The Pension payable


Download application form for incapacity pension