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As an employee of an international donor agency, the onus is on me to contribute towards my pension. I can see that the Seychelles Pension Fund is heavily involved in real estate investments and I acknowledge the need to do so. Having invested in the Fund, my goal is to see a sustainable pension system so that upon retirement I can enjoy a desirable pension. I therefore strongly recommend aggressive investments at all times by charging the highest price possible rent.

V.A. - Consultant

I have been a member of the Seychelles Pension Fund for a while now. I recently returned from a three months’ vacation in the UK. I got to speak about new developments in Seychelles with my family there and Pension Fund was one topic of conversation. I quickly understood that in western countries, contributing towards a pension is a basic requirements that upon taking up employment every individual looks to, to secure their retirements. It was a culture shock to see how much importance they place towards preparation to retirement.

T.A - Head waitress

I am a 52 years old government employee. Two years representative of the SPF held a meeting at my workplace and introduced the concept of voluntary contribution to me. The past two years I have been undertaking monthly voluntary contribution and I have been able to save significantly. I wish I knew about voluntary contribution earlier so that I could have saved more.

GH. - Administration Officer

I am an entertainer by profession. I have been fortunate to be successful in my line of work. Today I am earning my keeps through my trade, but I cannot be satisfied that my success will last. That is why I am taking time out every month to come to the Seychelles Pension Fund to make my contributions. I know there will come one day that I will not be able to continue the business I am doing. I know then that I will be able to count on my pension to sustain my needs. Think early, act early.

P.T - Entertainer