On-going projects

The expansion of the property portfolio remains a key aspect of SPF’s investment plan. The amount of income being generated from properties continues to increase every year with the completion of new projects. The following are SPF’s ongoing projects.

Pirates Arms Re-Development Project
Independence Avenue, Victoria, Mahé
pirate arms 2





Ile Perseverance Residential Apartments Project






Ile Du port Micro Enterprise Project










































































































































-Two buildings:

-1st building: commercial building with a modern look and a creole touch.
-2nd building: car park, shops, offices, and restaurants.
-Total area: 21,190 m²
-Started in March 2016 (demolition)
-Expected completion date: January 2020

Status: The awarding process for the Project Manager, Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor and MEP Consultant are currently underway after the tender was made. The removal of the building’s foundation will start soon.

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Land area of 3, 127 m²

-28 two-bedroom apartments
-18 one-bedroom apartments
-Expected start date: December 2016
-Expected completion date: December 2018

Status: Tender processing stage for the Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor and MEP Consultant services






-Garages,Workshops,Offices,Storage space.

-Expected start date: January 2017
-Expected completion date: July 2018

Status: Tender stage for the services of a Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor and MEP Consultant.