Information Technology Section

The Seychelles Pension Fund keeps expanding. The increased volume of information requires effective handling. The Information Technology Section of the SPF is tasked with the duty of organising and management of the information influx. Successful implementation of Information Technology systems is dependent on effective strategic planning and oversight of IT performances. With the advances in the world’s technologies which caters for the synergising of information resources into simpler, compatible and readily available formats the role of the IT Section is to ensure that all systems and network are running effectively which involves in-house application development thus the need for effective coordination between the IT section and respective user departments.

The section falls under the Corporate Services Division

Mr Steven Rosalie

Mr Steven Rosalie

It Manager

Mr Rosalie joined the SPF in 2013 and has held the position of Manager since 2017. He holds a Microsoft Certified Professional Certificate.

He is assisted by an Assistant Manager.