Finance Section


The Finance Section has two units; the Revenue and Expenditure units, which manage and control the SPF’s inflows and outflows respectively.

The main duties of Revenue unit is to collect and account properly the revenue from the rental of properties and revenue from members’ contributions. On the other hand the Expenditure Unit manages the SPF’s outflows ensuring that payments made to beneficiaries and suppliers are paid on time. The Finance Section prepares the Annual Financial Statements and Annual Budget.

Evans Mondon

Evans Mondon

Finance Manager
Ms Nisreen Abdulmajid

Ms Nisreen Abdulmajid

Chief Finance

Ms Abdulmajid holds Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance and is a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. Joining the SPF in August 2006, Miss Abdulmajid spearheaded the setting up of the Internal Audit Section which she currently heads.
Ms Abdulmajid main task is to ensure proper accountability in the SPF’s transactions and financial processes.

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